Application solution of Powerline Inspection

Solution Background:

In our country has a vast territory, complex terrain, so the power grid construction is often across the mountains, deep valleys, rivers, forests and other complex areas. It makes the lines construction, and inspection become much difficult, in most time brings the high risk,. To solve these tough problems, Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Fujian , Guangdong and other regions of the grid company start exploring the use of UAVs to get the dead ends, no blind spots's equipment defects photos, and real-time transmission of high-altitude video, Proof by the fact inspection effect is excellent.

The specific application:

Power plant Site Survey,transmission line planning,Survey and mapping of emergency disasters

Harwar 3D mapping data collection system can restore the area landform by it's high pixel industrial-grade camera and the advanced mapping software. For that we can get a high efficient to arrange the best transmission line planning and reduce the workload. enhance the planning efficiency.

Powerline inspection, Assist the final acceptance of construction, Accident monitoring

Using Harwar UAV to replace the manpower in the power line inspection, high altitude device detection and the final check of construction can highly reduce the activity cost and time loss.By real-time HD video feedback, work efficiency multiplied the ascension .

Night Operation、Emergency light.

When the construction facing the darkness, Harwar searchlight system shows it powerful. 6pcs of American original LED lamp beads can offer more than 6500lumens high brightness light source more than 3 hours.

Night patrol, Night detection , Disaster rescue& reconnaissance.

Harwar 18x night vision camera breaks the limited of Day and Night, this is remarkable for the power line inspection industry. Because in night patrol we can find the problem which hard to find by day , such as corona phenomenon, Insulator contamination and local spark discharge.

Power Plant gas leakage detection.

Harwar UAV leak detection system can use for the hydrogen generating unit generator and oxygen plant for detect the oxygen reveal. The same goes for detecting the ammonia gas, chlorine gas , combustible gas and the braize concentration surveillance.


1, Do not limited from the terrain and environments, can get more and more full data.

2, can replace the artificial in the harsh, dangerous environment to work, to ensure the safety of personnel.

3, Only two staff can complete the task, the overall cost is low, loading advanced aerial system, high data accuracy.

4, to monitor the information on-site monitoring, improve the timeliness of information.