Application solution of Firefighting & Rescue

Solution Background:

Firefighting has been more and more serious in daily life and threatening the public security and people's property. So the fire-control ability is the mark of human civilization step forward. in other words, human's history along with the struggle with the fire.

According to the statistics. More than ten thousand fire happened in the world per day, it caused more than 2,000 people died, injured more than 3,000 people, resulting in direct losses of more than one billion US dollars. what more,This is only a direct economic loss caused by the fire, it is estimated that the indirect economic loss is a direct loss of several times!

So the importance of fire can not be ignored, using the UAV technical in Firefighting area, it 's flexibility, high-efficiency and accuracy features can highly increase the success rate in rescue.

The specific application:

Firefighting visualization intelligent management, preventing the disasters

Harwar UAV can quickly build the environment database by 3D mapping technical. it can makes the firefighting work become visualization. It can accurate offer the 3D data and 3D digital model to assist the daily area patrol, surveillance, firefighting duty allocation and loss assessment. Helps the firefighting departments open their "Sky eye" .

Firefighting patrol, hidden danger inspection, dangerous area detection

Harwar UAV's wide 360°view can make up the lack of ground surveillance's dead angle.

It can feedback the real-time HD video transmission to the commanding center and let the commander knows where the problem it is.

Night Patrol、Night Monitoring

By using Harwar Searchlight and Gimbal System and 18x Zoom Night Vision System it can break the limited of Day and Night.

Using Searchlight offer the light sources to assist the ground staff and stroke deterrence the escape. meanwhile Night vision system's wide range ISO value making low light world bright.

To break the smoke and detect the body temperature. Harwar Infrared Thermal Camera and gimbal system will conquer the night.

Event commanding、Mass incidents control、Traffic control

By using Harwar Loundspeaker and Gimbal System, the commander can transmit his order to the crowd and reduce their panic.

It can also quickly arrived to the traffic jam location and assist the traffic control.

GAS detection system

Offering firefighting explosive gas inspection and the hazardous chemical inspection. By analysis the gas's ingredient and concentration, public security department can prevent the injury.

Emergency survive、The Air throw

Harwar throwing system can quick and accurate offer the lifebuoy and survival supplies to the victims.


1, reduce the impact of environmental factors, the fastest rushed to the scene to collect information and through the equipment to achieve effective relief and rescue effect;

2, can effectively avoid the fire casualties, to avoid people into the toxic, flammable and explosive and other dangerous environments;

3, on-site return, comprehensive information, so that the first time to rescue the command center to fully understand and monitor the scene of the disaster, the development of accurate rescue program;

4, greatly improve the effectiveness of disaster relief and relief, reduce the loss caused by the fire and the greatest degree of life-saving.