Application solution of public security

Solution Background:

In this dangerous world, Pubic Security work is full of challenges and pressures. When facing of the crowd in the group of people ultra, policies need to calmly deal with the prevention of people out of control and stop it evolved into a riot; in search of escape suspects or distress personnel, policies have to conquer the dangerous jungle, muddy swamps and steep cliffs to ensure safety ; Beside it, policies need protect the scene of the crime investigation to collect the evidence, They need paying attention to every detail, but also to analyze the surrounding environment. After find the clue of crime; They will facing the crazy terrorists and protect the innocent civilians, it need s the command Officer quickly determine the assault command, to maximize the protection of hostages to reduce our casualties.

With the continuous development of society, more and more advanced criminal will come out, in order to prevent emergencies, to ensure the safety of life and property of the people and to maintain social stability, in public places to deal with emergencies and prevent crime and other needs more and more high-tech solutions.

Hawar police unmanned aerial vehicles as a new high-tech equipment, will greatly improving the efficiency of the daily public security.

The specific application:

Public security surveillance、Protection Arrangement、Emergency detection、Border Defense

360°no dead band horizon, can make up the defect of the ground staff 's view.

Sending the real-time feedback HD transmission video to the command center, comprehensive monitoring the ground and prevention of emergencies

Night Patrol、Night Monitoring

By using Harwar Searchlight and Gimbal System and 18x Zoom Night Vision System it can break the limited of Day and Night.

Using Searchlight offer the light sources to assist the ground staff and stroke deterrence the escape. meanwhile Night vision system's wide range ISO value making low light world bright.

To break the smoke and detect the body temperature. Harwar Infrared Thermal Camera and gimbal system will conquer the night.

Event commanding、Mass incidents control、Traffic control

By using Harwar Loundspeaker and Gimbal System, the commander can transmit his order to the crowd and reduce their panic.

It can also quickly arrived to the traffic jam location and assist the traffic control.

Road traffic monitoring、Illegal evidence、Car plate capture

Harward 36x Zoom Camera Can capture the car plate and human face in the 500M away .

GAS detection system

Offering firefighting explosive gas inspection and the hazardous chemical inspection. By analysis the gas's ingredient and concentration, public security department can prevent the injury.

Emergency survive、The Air throw

Harwar throwing system can quick and accurate offer the lifebuoy and survival supplies to the victims.


The use of Hawar police unmanned aerial vehicles and a strong air patrol and deal with the advantages of the scene to achieve global monitoring of unmanned aerial equipment, ground stations, ground with the staff / forces and security command center multi-efficient benign assistance, cooperation and linkage to achieve the air Full coverage of the ground, no dead angle monitoring, make up for the lack of existing fixed monitoring equipment, effectively ensure the safety of personnel, high efficiency, quick, low cost. In the shortest possible time, efficient control and resolution of public safety events, maintenance and protection of people's lives and property security.